Greece: Subway Construction Unearths Ancient Aphrodite Statue and Stunning Mosaic Floors

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A headless statue of Aphrodite was discovered during subway work in the Greek port city of Thessaloniki, which have been ongoing amid metro construction lasting more than a decade. The headless Aphrodite—the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty and desire—was discovered near Thessaloniki's Hagia Sophia, an ancient church dating back to the Byzantine era. 

The chairman of Attiko Metro SA, Yannis A. Milopoulos, posted on Facebook about the discovery, calling the find “the Aphrodite of [the] Thessaloniki Metro.” The discovery also included fourth century floor mosaics, reported the Greek City Times. Around 300,000 antiquities have been discovered at the Thessaloniki archaeological site, according to Milopoulos, who announced the discovery last Tuesday evening Eastern time on Facebook.

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