A “massive religious realignment in America” is underway

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Over at Religion News Service, Jana Riess interviews Daniel Cox, research director at PRRI (Public Religion Research Institute), on a new study on the religious beliefs of Millennials and Generation Z.  The study is titled “Diversity, Division, Discrimination: The State of Young America.”Here is what I learned from Jana’s interview:

●  Young people believe that Americans are more divided over politics than race or religion

●  Young people are not much different than older Americans on abortion, but on all other issues of human sexuality, including marriage, they are more liberal than older Americans.

●  Young people are much more tolerant of non-traditional families

●  Barack Obama is viewed favorably by young people, but less so among white young men

●  Only 25% of young people “have a favorable impression of Trump.”

●  Young people believe that Muslims in America are facing discrimination

Read the entire interview here.

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