A history of White House profanity — and one cursing presidential parrot

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Trump’s offending stance on immigration aside, the president joins a long line of men whose filthy and occasionally extremely creative use of the more vulgar parts of the English language would make Mitt Romney blush.

What separates Trump and other modern presidents from their oil-painted predecessors is the near ubiquity of recording devices, social media and a 21st-century public that parses a president’s every utterance in real time.

But if we’re really honest, do we think Abraham Lincoln talked about consecrated and hallowed ground all the time? Or that the worst thing Franklin D. Roosevelt said about Adolf Hitler was that he was a “very mean dictator”?

John F. Kennedy’s soaring eloquence helped the country make strides on school desegregationand inspired an army of youths to help people in underdeveloped nations. But he was also a sailor.

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