New course uses art to help aspiring U.S. citizens learn American history

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A 20-page long application, $700 fee and the requirement to know the answers to roughly 100 questions spanning the course of U.S. history — the naturalization process for those seeking U.S. citizenship is arguably difficult. Yet hundreds of thousands of lawful permanent residents, such as a green card holders, take the naturalization exams each year in a bid to become American citizens. 

Now one museum in New York is hoping to make that process just a little easier for green card holders living in the city. 

The New York Historical Society started a new course in the summer of 2017 to help citizenship applicants explore and understand American history, using assets housed right in its building on Central Park West: artwork. With hundreds of paintings, statues and historical artifacts at their disposal, they are using the power of visual aids to help students better absorb the facts and dates.

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