Will Trump resign?

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Mike Purdy is a presidential historian and the founder of PresidentialHistory.com. He is a frequent and popular speaker and is often quoted by the media about presidential history and politics, including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, BBC and others.

Trump’s ghostwriter, Anthony Schwartz, for the mogul’s book The Art of the Deal predicted just days ago that Trump will resign by the end of the year.

Even presidents not under as much siege as Trump have contemplated resigning from the presidency.

Just weeks after his 1797 inauguration, a petulant John Adams confided to his wife that “if the Federalists go to playing pranks, I will resign the office and let Jefferson lead them.”

When he was defeated by Jefferson in 1800, he considered resigning before the House of Representatives broke the Electoral College tie between Jefferson and Aaron Burr. Had he done so, it would have handed the presidency to vice president Jefferson for the remainder of Adams’ term.

In 1862, a tired Abraham Lincoln responded after Republican senators met on a resolution asking him to resign: “They wish to get rid of me and I am sometimes half disposed to gratify them.”

Grover Cleveland almost reached the end of his rope with the constant pressure of those seeking political appointments: “This dreadful, damnable office-seeking hangs over me and surrounds me — and makes me feel like resigning.”

Resignation crossed Woodrow Wilson’s mind multiple times. He threatened to resign if Congress didn’t approve legislation he wanted. He considered resigning after his first wife, Ellen, died. His second wife, Edith, wanted him to resign after he suffered a debilitating stroke in his second term.

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