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The Organization of American Historians is pleased to endorse the History Relevance Campaign’s Value Statement—seven distinct tenets delineating critical ways the study of history is essential to individuals, communities, and our shared future.

Endorsement of the HRC Value Statement sends a positive message and helps raise the value of history in American society by assisting history organizations of all kinds better articulate the value of history with a common language. The study of history creates a sense of awareness and identity, cultivates critical thinking and analytical skills, and lays the groundwork for empowered communities. They preserve the past and spark inspiration for the future.

“The Organization of American Historians strongly believes in the value of history, because it provides a framework for understanding not only people and societies that came before but also for understanding ourselves,” said Katherine Finley, Executive Director of OAH. “Our mission is to promote excellence in the scholarship, teaching, and presentation of American history, which is why we so highly endorse the History Relevance Campaign’s Value of History Statement.”

The History Relevance Campaign (HRC) comprises over 150 like-minded organizations around the world, including historical societies and archives; associations and nonprofits; and museums, trusts, estates, and institutions. The Value Statement is endorsed by organizations who promote and encourage a sense of awareness, identity, and interconnectivity in a multicultural world through history-driven courses of study.

“We are thrilled with the OAH’s endorsement of our Values Statement,” said Tim Grove, History Relevance spokesperson. “History – including knowledge as well as the processes of research and reflection – is critically important to our society, culture, and the individual citizens who live it each and every day.”

For more information about the OAH, go to www.oah.org . For more info about the HRC, go to www.historyrelevance.com.

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