OAH & AHA call on their members to resist attempts to gut the National Endowment for the Humanities

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OAH Email  –  Organization of American Historians

News broke last week that the Trump Administration is considering the elimination of NEH, along with other cultural agencies.

While we in the humanities are all concerned, it is important to remember that we have built considerable support in Congress over the past years, and we can fight this proposal.

It is time to take action and make clear to the President and members of Congress that you value federal funding for the humanities.

Click here to take action.

Together, we will communicate that public support for the humanities benefits students, teachers, and communities across the country.

Learn more about this blueprint and plans to stop it here.

Thank you for your support!-The National Humanities Alliance

AHA Email  –  American Historical Association 

Last week a news story appeared in The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper with a strong reputation for accuracy, that the Trump administration is considering the elimination of the NEH, along with other cultural agencies. Normally the AHA would not send out an alert based on a single report in a single newspaper. It is clear, however, that the “blueprint” reported in The Hill indeed points to a threat to the very existence of the NEH. Moreover, this is a situation where we clearly need to be proactive. The humanities community, led by the National Humanities Alliance, has built considerable support in Congress and we need to mobilize our friends early.
Please help us help each other by making clear to the president and members of Congress that you value federal funding for the humanities. 
The most effective way to influence members of Congress is through a telephone call. All members of Congress can be reached through the US Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. If you speak to a staff member, be sure to get the name and e-mail address so you can send either a message that you create or a copy of the message that the National Humanities Alliance has crafted.
You can also e-mail directly if you prefer not to call. Click here for a message that can be directed to your representative. 
More detail about what is happening and why it is essential to contact your representatives now can be found here.
Thank you for joining in this important effort.

Tyler Stovall, AHA President
Jim Grossman, AHA Executive Director

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