A Trump book riddled with falsehoods will no longer be sold by the National History Museum

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The $50 book about Donald Trump was displayed at the very front of the National Museum of American History’s gift shop, its red-white-and-blue cover featuring the newly inaugurated president’s signature stare-and-hair.

“Donald Trump: 45th President of the United States Collector’s Vault” shared real estate with acclaimed nonfiction by established historians such as James M. McPherson, Roger Lowenstein and Walter Isaacson. But the Trump book, written by Brandon Christopher Hall, a 25-year-old from Atlanta, might not meet their standards for accuracy. Or the standards of the Smithsonian museum, a publicly funded repository of 3 million artifacts — “all true national treasures,” the museum says — that include Thomas Jefferson’s Bible and Abraham Lincoln’s top hat. 

The Trump book, which is heavy on photos and pullout memorabilia and bears the words “Make America Great Again” on its cover, contains a series of false assertions.

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