Holocaust-denying UK historian David Irving goes on lecture tour

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David Irving, a far-right British historian widely condemned as a Holocaust denier, will embark on a month-long lecture tour, seeking to capitalize on an upcoming feature film documenting his legal misfortunes, the Mail on Sunday reported on Sunday.

To avert protests, the lecture venues will not be made public and will only be revealed to ticket buyers.

Irving has garnered worldwide notoriety attempting to establish, against available historical evidence, that Hitler was not party to the Holocaust, that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz and that the number of Jews slain by the Nazis was greatly exaggerated.

In 2000, Irving lost a high-profile libel case against US historian Deborah E. Lipstadt whom he had sued when she called him a Holocaust denier.

He was branded a "racist and anti-Semitic" by the judge and the court declares him an “active Holocaust denier.” ...

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