Conservative historians against Trump sign a petition warning he'd be dangerous

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The list features about 150 signers drawn from think tanks, the academy, and journalism.  HNN combed the list for historians.  We included both academics and non-academics:

Max Boot
Council on Foreign Relations

Michael Burlingame
Author, historian, biographer of Lincoln

Michael M. Eisman
History and Classical Archaeology, Temple University

Andrew Ferguson
Writer, author of Land of Lincoln:  Adventures in Abe's America

John Craig Hammond
Associate Professor of History, Penn State University

Bethany Kilcrease
Associate Professor of History, Aquinas College

Stephen F. Knott
Author, Political Scientist, does history 

Thomas Mallon
Novelist and critic, former Member, National Council on the Humanities and former Deputy Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities

Tillman W. Nechtman
Department of History, Skidmore College

Richard Pipes
Baird Professor of History, Emeritus, Harvard

Ronald Radosh 
Professor Emeritus of History, CUNY; Adjunct Fellow, The Hudson Institute

John Shelton Reed
Writer, historian, Kenan Professor of Sociology, Emeritus, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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