History Professor Causes Stir with ‘Trump Wall’ Halloween Display

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A “Trump Wall” Halloween display is causing a stir in West Hartford, Connecticut. Matt Warshauer, and American political history professor at Central Connecticut State University, erected the display on his front lawn because he disagrees with Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“It’s something that disturbs me because I believe that we’re a nation that gets other nations to tear down walls, not put them up,” said Warshauer, who apparently has a tradition of constructing politically-charged Halloween displays.

“Halloween is that one time of year where you can push the envelope a little bit. I try to make it Halloweeny, but I also make it very political,” he said, presumably with a straight face. ...

It has its own Trump tower, a Trump deportation center, and some spooky zombies. Hillary Clinton also makes an appearance, riding a donkey.

“Living in a democracy is the ability to put our views out there and be able to sort of make our positions known and even debate them if necessary, and that’s what we should be doing,” Warshauer said, explaining why there’s nothing obnoxious at all about exploiting a child-oriented holiday to make a controversial political statement. ...

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