Conservatives are complaining that the new Smithsonian museum on African-American history largely ignores Clarence Thomas

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The new Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture showcases prominent black Americans and their place in history -- or rather, the Left's revisionist history.

In an article filed under the category "Black History Month," the blog Circa observed a startling disparity between the Smithsonian's homage to people like Anita Hill and entertainer James Brown and that bestowed on the second-ever Black Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas: 

[The museum] treats conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas like a mere footnote while heralding the woman who accused him of sexual harassment, Anita Hill.

Twenty-five years ago, Thomas became the second black Supreme Court Justice when he succeeded Thurgood Marshall, the first black justice. Neither man's accomplishments as jurists on the high court get as much attention as Hill, though Marshall's work on a landmark case as a lawyer is recognized.

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