Yale president says decision to stick with Calhoun College name is not final

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Three months after the University announced that it would retain the namesake of Calhoun College, the future of the name is again uncertain. 

Amidst continued opposition to the decision to maintain the name Calhoun College, Yale has formed a Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming that will this fall establish principles by which renaming decisions are to be made. Once those principles are established, Salovey said he will “efficiently” — and with final authority — evaluate requests from the Yale community to change certain names, including Calhoun and other college names, in consultation with the Yale Corporation, the University cabinet and relevant experts. 

That marks a significant departure from last year’s decision-making model, under which Salovey described himself as “just one member of the Corporation” debating renaming issues and that the body would consider various options and reach a consensus at its own pace.

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