Avoiding the mistakes of conventions past: Can the parties steer clear of these historical pitfalls?

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In anticipation of the upcoming Democratic and Republican conventions later this month, it seems appropriate to brace ourselves for something historic. After all, Hillary Clinton is the first woman ever to be nominated by a major party, as well as a traditionally polarizing figure who only recently managed to win the endorsement of her chief rival, Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is, if anything, more controversial, so much so that many of his rallies have been marked by outbursts of violence.

To understand what might occur when each candidate is nominated, it helps to look at other national conventions from our recent history.

1. Conventions that have led to third-party insurgencies (Republicans in 1912, Democrats in 1948)

2. Conventions that have embarrassed the party with outbursts of violence (Republicans in 1964, Democrats in 1968)

3. Incompetent conventions (Democrats in 1972, Republicans in 1992)

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