Brexit might undermine Europe’s democratic order

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Since Britain voted to leave the European Union, there has been much discussion of Brexit’s economic and financial implications as well as its political consequences for Britain. What will happen to Labour and the Conservatives? Does this mean the end of the United Kingdom?

Less thought, however, has been given to Brexit’s effect on the future of democracy in Europe. European integration was an integral part of the foundation upon which Europe was reconstructed after World War II. Brexit signals and will probably further the erosion of this foundation, which undergirded the most prosperous, peaceful and politically stable period Europe had ever known.

It is easy to forget that democracy in Europe is a relatively recent development. Up through the middle of the 20th century, Europe was the most turbulent region on Earth, convulsed by wars, economic crises  and sociopolitical conflicts. To prevent a recurrence of these patterns after 1945, European leaders thought that a transformation at the domestic, international and regional levels was necessary.

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