Nazi Detector App Brands Right-Wing Extremists — and Donald Trump

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An internet tool singles out extreme right-wingers online — and Donald Trump — by putting swastikas around their names, mirroring an earlier application that neo-Nazis used to identify Jews online.

The Nazi Detector, a Google Chrome extension, identifies not only white supremacist social media users, famous Nazis and anti-Semitic groups, including Adolf Hitler, David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan, but also the presumptive Republican nominee, changing his last name to “Trumpler,” in an allusion to Hitler.

“Donald Trump talks about Muslims and other people of color the way Hitler talked about us in the lead-up to the Shoah,” the application’s creator, Daniel Sieradski, told the Forward in an email.

“The guy needs to be called out for his hateful incitement at every turn. And if that means drawing parallels between him and Hitler to jog people’s sense of outrage, so be it,” Sieradski added.

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