Reagan White House viewed Trump and his 'large ego' warily

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John Kerry, then the chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and Jim Wright, the speaker of the House, personally pitched Trump on chairing the event. Wright (D-Tex.) even trekked to Trump Tower, along with the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, as part of the courtship process.

Trump apparently leaked news of their visit to the New York Times, which ran a story about it on the front page. Rep. Beryl Anthony (D-Ark.), the DCCC chairman, told the paper, “The message Trump has been preaching is a Democratic message.” The congressman specifically cited Trump’s push for peace in Central America and his advocacy for speeding up nuclear disarmament negotiations with the Soviet Union. A spokesman for Kerry (D-Mass.) was quoted praising Trump as “an independent thinker.”

White House Political Director Frank J. Donatelli alerted Chief of Staff Howard Baker about the story. “It would be most helpful if you would place a phone call to Don Trump today,” Donatelli wrote in a memo. “He has a large ego and would be responsive to your call.” He underlined the word “large” before ego.

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