Buyer spends more than €600,000 at Nazi memorabilia auction

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A buyer who said he came from Argentina has spent more than €600,000 (£465,000) on Nazi memorabilia, including one of Adolf Hitler’s jackets, at a controversial auction in Germany, according to reports. 

The mystery buyer spent €275,000 (£210,000) on the jacket and €3,000 (£2,320) on a set of Hermann Göring’s silk underwear in his purchases of more than 50 items, reported German newspaper Bild

Using the number 888, the man reportedly dominated the auction in Munich, outbidding others on most items. Bild sent an undercover reporter to the event, which was formally closed to the press after a public outcry. 

The number evokes the neo-Nazi code 88, which stands for the banned greeting “Heil Hitler”.

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