‘Hamilton’ Inc.: The Path to a Billion-Dollar Broadway Show

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On Broadway, “Hamilton” is consistently selling out all 1,321 seats at the Richard Rodgers Theater and is currently grossing about $1.9 million a week in ticket sales. Simply by maintaining that pace, the show would bring in nearly $100 million a year (that’s grosses, not profits). But there is reason to expect that figure to rise. In a bid to blunt profiteering — the widespread scalping of tickets at highly marked-up prices — the show may soon raise prices above the current ceiling of $475 for premium seating.

At $100 million a year, the Broadway production of the show would pass the $1 billion mark in a decade. The show’s current pace will be tough to sustain, but not unimaginable — “Wicked” this year set a record by reaching the $1 billion mark on Broadway in just over 12 years, and “Hamilton,” although running in a smaller theater, has higher ticket prices.

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