Poland: Prosecutor probes Holocaust historian who said Poles killed more Jews than Germans

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Thumbnail Image -  Graves at Okopowa Street Jewish Cemetery, By Håkan Henriksson (Narking) - Own work, CC BY 3.0

A Polish prosecutor interrogated Jan Tomasz Gross, a Jewish historian who researched Polish complicity in the Holocaust.

Prosecutors are trying to determine whether Gross insulted the Polish nation by publishing an article in German newspaper “Die Welt” in which he said that Poles “had killed more Jews than the Germans” during World War II.

Gross, who is a Jewish Polish-born history professor based at Princeton University,  was questioned for five hours Tuesday in the district attorney’s office in Katowice as a witness. His article was published by “Die Welt” in September 2015 and concerned the refugee issue and the lack of consent to their absorption by Poland.

The prosecutor’s office received almost 200 notifications of the accusation of a suspicion of committing the offense of insulting the Polish nation. It is punishable by to three years in prison.

The professor has not been charged with a crime. ...

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