Trump’s son goes on pro-slavery radio show

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"Political Cesspool" host James Edwards thinks that slavery was the greatest thing that ever happened to black people. He also thinks that Donald Trump is the greatest thing that ever happened to the Republican Party.

Edwards attended a Trump rally in Memphis last Saturday, as a fully credentialed member of the press. From the media pen, Edwards hosted a live broadcast of his “unapologetically pro-white” radio show, and snagged a 20-minute interview with our future president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., according to a blog post published Tuesday. Past guests on "Political Cesspool" have included Ku Klux Klan leaders, Holocaust deniers, and Holocaust affirmers (a.k.a. neo-Nazis). 

The Trump campaign, however, denies that any such interview took place. The campaign told The Hill that Donald Jr. was not in attendance at Saturday's rally, and did not "to his knowledge" grant Edwards an interview this past week. The campaign did not dispute the fact that Edwards was granted full press credentials. 

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