HNN Poll: Should Book Clubs and Publishers Refuse to Sell Books Like Ann Coulter's Treason?


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stuart cox - 1/1/2004

Has anyone shown Ann to be wrong about a single accusation she has made in any of her books? The answer is no. Not once. She tirelessly documents all her books, and backs up every statement with facts. So you appear to asking, "Should bookclubs and publishers stifle people who tell the truth?" Does that deserve a serious answer?

frank garlo - 10/20/2003

Publishers should publish a book if they think they can make money from it.

Dave Livingston - 10/18/2003

From the essay and some of the postings it is evident that Coulter & her books are disliked by some people because,

1. She takes issue with the politically correct Left, the sort of people who think "The New York Times"is a well-balanced, unbiased paper,and as a result the revisionist Left no longer has a lock on describing our past. The truth when aired stings--the Left.

2. Her books sell well and as a consequence,

a. The public has an alternate description of past events than the standard Leftist propaganda line of most journalists and most social science academics. Descriptions of the past not in line with conventional Leftist interpretations

b. Ann Coulter makes money from her books and much of the dislike of her and her work is derived from envy and jealously--sour grapes.

Dixie - 10/15/2003

I thought historians would be people who believed in the strict inforcement of the First Amendment. I'm sure they've read the document at some point. It, to clarify, states that no one should have their political speech curtailed. "Treason" may not be history, but it is definitely political.

If Al Franken can write horrible books and sell them to the masses, than so can Ann Coulter.

Wendell Harrelson - 9/28/2003

It's so easy to post a view opposing liberal and/or Democrat behavior. I see and hear everyday hundreds of statements coming from liberal spokesmen for the newsmedia, for the Democratic Party, for academic "think" tanks, and I wonder how they make a living. Are there that many fools in America that are persuaded by the lies in "every" statement made by these liberal "genuises". There is no honesty in the liberal world.
You can fool a lot of people. Thank God for my brain that can see liberals for the evil hypocrits they are. You don't fool me.

Joe Caramello - 9/20/2003

Let's see now if I have this correct. Coulters' books should not be sold because because a. The vaunted New York Times despises her, b. she might stumble upon the hypocrisy of the liberal elite and tell someone important, c. anyone who is not a Ted Kennedy Democrat belongs in a concentration camp oops, pardon reeducation camp, d. we don't like her opinions so lets burn her books (and her along with them). What a bunch of effete idiots. I certainly do not agree with Ms Coulters writings but to not sell her books when you can freely buy books on building bombs and committing murder and mayhem? Where are all the First Amendment fanatics when they are really needed. Probably at a Howard Zinn lecture on the glories of Marxism.

Phil - 9/7/2003

Book should not be promoted by anyone, and I mean from the left or the right. Ms. Coulter's brainpower does little to suggest she is a "historian" but she does have a bit of the McCarthy in her at that. I think if someone calls a person a traitor or guilty of treason they'd better be damn sure they can back it up with facts. Unfortunately, facts and Ms. Coulter continue to be a contradiction in terms.

Michael Green - 8/23/2003

I resigned from the Book of the Month Club over its selection of Coulter's book. The issue is not whether one agrees or disagrees. It is, however, whether what the author does to history and facts is the literary equivalent of what Saddam Hussein did to Iraq. When a book contains so many obvious misstatements and distortions, it should not be a selection. Worse, when I so informed the Book of the Month Club, the response said that the club tries to choose books that appeal to diverse readerships and regretted that I disagreed. I hope that all who love history will drop their membership in this now-discredited organization.

Hayabusa - 8/20/2003

When someone makes a big fool of themselves like Coulter does, it should be published far and wide. She's got her foot stuck so far up her mouth that she'll never get it out.

Karen Landers - 8/9/2003

Book Clubs should not sell books with such blatant historical inaccuracies.

George Stroebel - 8/8/2003

No publisher or seller should refuse. If the public is well read they wouldn't buy Ann Coulter's books in the first place.

Chris Lutz - 8/8/2003

Book clubs won't stop selling Coulter's book unless historians act as a group to hurt sales. But if we cannot do that, loud mockery is appropriate, of the clubs - not exactly the premier sales force of scholarship - and Coulter, of course.