If "The Donald" Said It Happened, It Happened! And Don't You Forget It!

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Civil War historians:  Have you heard about the River of Blood?  It was HUUUUUUUUGE!  It was so huge that Donald Trump decided to build a monument to this battle on his Virginia golf course overlooking the Potomac River.

Unfortunately for The Donald, the battle never happened.  The New York Times reports:

Between the 14th hole and the 15th tee of one of the club’s two courses, Mr. Trump installed a flagpole on a stone pedestal overlooking the Potomac, to which he affixed a plaque purportedly designating “The River of Blood.”

“Many great American soldiers, both of the North and South, died at this spot,” the inscription reads. “The casualties were so great that the water would turn red and thus became known as ‘The River of Blood.’ 

The inscription, beneath his family crest and above Mr. Trump’s full name, concludes: “It is my great honor to have preserved this important section of the Potomac River!”

Like many of Mr. Trump’s claims, the inscription was evidently not fact-checked.

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