The GOP has been trying to undermine Planned Parenthood for decades

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As a secretive anti-abortion group continues to leak videos selectively edited to portray Planned Parenthood officials breaking federal law, a swarm of states, from New Hampshire to Utah, have renewed efforts to strip the country's largest women's health care organization of government funding.

The number of attacks is unprecedented. Just a few weeks after Republicans in Congress made a failed attempt to defund Planned Parenthood, five states—Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire, and Utah—have cut off Planned Parenthood from federal and state Medicaid dollars. The funds, intended for low-income women, pay for family planning services, breast cancer and STI screenings, and abortions in cases of rape or threats to the health or life of the mother. The Obama administration warned two governors that the move violated federal law protecting patients' rights to choose their provider. But that didn't stop new states, including Arkansas, from continuing to slash the funds after the warning came down.

"This is the longest and broadest set of attacks we have seen," says Elizabeth Nash, a researcher for the Guttmacher Institute, an abortion rights think tank.

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