The West is complaining that Russia is trying to rewrite the history of Srebrenica?

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It was the worst crime on European soil since the second world war. Twenty years ago, about 8,000 Muslim men and boys from the town of Srebrenica were massacred by Serbian forces under the command of General Ratko Mladic, the then Bosnian Serbian military leader, whose trial for genocide opened a little over a year ago at the international criminal court in The Hague.

As the 20th anniversary of this carnage approaches, you might have thought that there would only be dignified remembrance, international consensus to honour the dead, and more efforts towards stabilising the Balkans. Instead, there have been power plays and a major diplomatic hiccup at the UN, with Russia vetoing a western-sponsored resolution calling the Srebrenica massacre an act of genocide.

This is an episode that arguably says as much about how hard it has become for Europe to defend some of its core principles and values as the Greek quagmire does. And the consequences could be just as far-reaching.

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