Dylann Roof’s eerie tour of American slavery at its beginning, middle and end

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CHARLESTON, S.C. — The road trips were short and simple.

Dylann Roof climbed into his car with a “Confederate States of America” license plate, two cameras in tow, and visited a series of places in his native South Carolina that he associated with the subjugation of black people.

The island to which huge numbers of enslaved Africans were brought.

Four former plantations where they worked.

A small museum devoted to the Confederacy.

Two cemeteries, one black and one white, where slaves and Confederate soldiers were buried.

The beginning, middle and end of American slavery.

Before making his final trip, to 110 Calhoun St. in Charleston — where he is accused of fatally shooting nine black people at Emanuel AME Church, a historic place whose founders once planned a slave revolt — he put pictures of those visits, along with photographs of him holding a .45-caliber Glock pistol and a Confederate flag, on his Web site, “Last Rhodesian.”

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