Isis Palmyra demolition has begun with ancient God Lion statue destroyed

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When Islamic State (Isis) took over Palmyra last week, the jihadists assured the world they were not going to destroy the ancient city's treasure trove of ruins and artefacts.

According to the Palmyra Media Centre, "IS militants promised the citizens during a talk that they won't offend the ancient city [sic]". This claim has been repeated in interviews with several media outlets.

However, it seems the strategy has now changed. On Wednesday (27 May), a Syrian radio station broadcast a declaration from an alleged IS commander in Palmyra claiming the group will "destroy statues" representing idols but preserve the historical monuments and the ruins....

HNN Editor:  Iraq Crisis, a list run by Charles Jones at the University of Chicago, shared this with its readers 3-29-15:

I have been twice in touch to-day with Pr Maamoun Abdelkarim, the DG of the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums in Syria, and I asked him about the Lion statue. According to his latest information the Lion statue is hidden and so far safe. Bet regards to all,


Chair, ICOMOS Working Group on the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage in Syria and Iraq

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