White House March to stop ISIS from destroying what remains of Mesopotamian Civilization

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Urgent action is needed to stop ISIS’s barbaric acts against Iraq’s and international heritage

We are cultural and archaeological activists preparing to kick off a campaign in Washington, DC to urge and pressure the policy and decision makers to take immediate action to stop ISIS from destroying the remaining Mesopotamian Civilization in Mosul as well as other archaeological sites or we will lose an important part of Iraqi and world heritage.

The first event of the campaign will be a march before the White House

The organizers are Jabbar J AL Shuwaili and Abdul Amir AL Hamdani, cultural and heritage activists. Their goals are:

● to urge and pressure the policy and decision makers  to take immediate action against the terrorist group ISIS.

● to familiarize the general population in the United States with the savage and uncivilized acts of ISIS  that have been performed against the people of Iraq and their civilization.

● to inform the international community that Iraqis are civilized people who love their heritage and are determined to exert every effort to preserve their civilization. And, to make known that what is rumored by ISIS — that the statutes and relics of the old civilizations  are forbidden by Islam — is absolutely untrue according to senior moderate Islam clerics.

When: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 12:00 noon.
Where: In front of the White House in  Washington, D.C.

About the organizers
Jabbar Jaafar, Strategic Communications Specialist. He is a cultural activist interested in defending culture, heritage, freedom of opinion and expression in Iraq.

Abdul  Amir AL Hamdani, Iraqi Archaeologist & Researcher- Stony Brook University


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