Paul Revere-Era Time Capsule Uncovered at The State House

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Boston seems to be putting itself on the map as a time capsule destination lately. Another centuries-old time capsule is currently being unearthed, this time at the new State House, by a Museum of Fine Arts Conservator. According to The Boston Globe, four coins fell from a box found in a cornerstone of the building this morning as it was liberated from the block.

The 219-year-old capsule— a green box believed to contain Revere-era items— was concealed by Governor Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and William Scollay when the building was constructed in 1795. The reveal comes less than two months after historians discovered a time capsule inside the lion statue atop Old State House when it was taken down for cleaning.

Museum of Fine Arts Conservator Pam Hatchfield was chipping away at the stone block concealing the capsule this morning when the coins fell from the cornerstone. Reporters at the site described one of the coins as “silver-colored” but “not legible.” The box, which was discovered during building maintenance, is expected to be completely unearthed by Thursday afternoon.

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