Watergate researchers can now see the materials — including tapes — Len Colodny used in writing "Silent Coup"

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Author Len Colodny’s collection of research materials for his two books, “Silent Coup” and “The Forty Years War”, are now at Texas A&M University-Central Texas, in the care of nationally known scholar, Dr. Luke Nichter, PhD. Dr. Nichter has recently published "The Nixon Tapes”, co-authored with historian, Douglas Brinkley.

The Collection was packed on a large truck and van and very carefully transported to Texas from Tampa last month, shepherded by Dr. Jerry Jones, Ph.D. the school’s Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences, and Dr. Brian Robertson, a Ph.D., historian and visiting assistant professor of history working with Nichter.

These materials will be digitized and made available to scholars, historians and journalists, both online and in person.

Colodny’s “Collection” contains approximately 800 hours of taped interviews, with more than 100 people who were affiliated with the Nixon Administration, and those that followed. Historians, who go to Texas A&M and the online portal the University is developing, will find Colodny’s extensive interviews with Nixon’s closest aides and associates, including H.R. Haldeman, his Chief of Staff; Attorney General John Mitchell; and Domestic Policy Chief John Ehrlichman. It also includes exclusive interviews with “Washington Post” reporter Bob Woodward and White House Counsel John Dean, whose testimony during the 1973 Watergate Hearings helped detail Nixon’s involvement in the Watergate cover-up...

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