A Look at Lincoln, in Photo and Print

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He looks grim in almost all of the images, and wouldn’t you if it fell upon you to save the country and rid it of the scourge of slavery? Now approaching next year’s 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination comes a new book that for the first time gathers together all of the 130 known photographs of the 16th president.

The new volume, “Lincoln: An Intimate Portrait,” will be released Tuesday by Life Books and includes a seven-part essay by the noted Civil War historian Allen Guelzo as well as contributions from Henry Louis Gates Jr., Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ken Burns, Maya Angelou, Colin Powell, Steven Spielberg and Sandra Day O’Connor.

But the photos are what grab your attention, a chance to glimpse the life of one of America’s most iconic figures. His eyes sunken, his hair scraggly, Lincoln looks ghostly in so many of the pictures, haunted by pressures few of his peers could understand. 

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