Paris WW2 plaque to be restored on 'house of shame'

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The owners of one the most infamous buildings in Paris have been ordered to put back a commemorative plaque recalling the role of the "French Gestapo" in World War Two.

Number 93 rue Lauriston, in the expensive 16th arrondissement (district), was the headquarters of the so-called Carlingue, a French organisation that worked alongside the German secret police.

An unknown number of Resistance members were tortured or murdered in the building between 1940 and 1944. The plaque honoured their memory and specifically named "French auxiliary agents of the Gestapo" as those responsible.

However, the original plaque was taken down in a renovation over the summer.

Today, a new plaque simply pays "homage to the heroes of the Resistance" - with no reference to what happened inside or to the French perpetrators of the abuse.

'Blatant breach'

Following a complaint from neighbours, Paris City Hall has said the new plaque is illegal and must be replaced with one bearing the original wording.

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