Nearly Every Founding Fathers’ Quote Shared By A Likely Future Congressman Is Fake

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This is Jody Hice, a pastor and talk radio host, who recently secured a win in a Republican primary to replace Rep. Paul Broun. Hice is almost guaranteed to be the next congressman from Georgia’s 10th District.enhanced-21603-1409074899-21.jpgJody Hice Facebook

Hice represents an anti-gay viewpoint based on pseudo-science and seriously outdated myths about gay Americans.

He also really loves freedom. He calls himself a “constitutional conservative” and LOVES the Founding Fathers. Check out these posts of his from his Facebook:


“I have one plan: the Constitution. If we were following this document we wouldn’t have the problems that we’re facing today,” Hice has said.

Hice also loves to naturally share Founding Fathers quotes. Unfortunately, many of them are fake.

Take this quote that Hice attributes to Jefferson:enhanced-9102-1409070704-1.pngVia Facebook: jodyhice

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation said it has “not found this particular statement in his writings” and Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience is the real source of the quotation.

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