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This is the 20th Annual Report of the NCH. It contains 117 pages of news about the domain where history and human rights intersect, especially about the censorship of history and the persecution of historians, archivists, and archaeologists around the globe, as reported by various human rights organizations and other sources. It mainly covers events and developments of 2013 and 2014. This circular is sent to 1535 historians and others interested in the past all over the world.

Lamentably, four historians were assassinated in the past year: Jirí Fiedler (Czech Republic), Bashar Awad Marouf (Iraq), Samuel Malpica Uribe (Mexico), and Bohdan Solchanyk (Ukraine). May they rest in peace. In contrast, some light was thrown upon the fate of one history student and three historians, all assassinated in the 1970s: history student Laura Estela Carlotto (Argentina), and Ghyasuddin Ahmed, Santosh Chandra Bhattacharya, and Abul Khair (all in Bangladesh). For more information on these and many other developments, please see the respective country entries.

The following 77 countries are covered in the Report:

Afghanistan; Algeria; Argentina; Armenia; Australia; Bangladesh; Belarus; Belize; Bolivia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Brazil; Bulgaria; Burundi; Cambodia; Cameroon; Canada; Central African Republic; Chile; China; Colombia; Congo (Democratic Republic); Czech Republic; Ecuador; Egypt; El Salvador; France; Georgia; Greece; Guatemala; Guinea; Haiti; Honduras; Hungary; India; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Ivory Coast; Japan; Kenya; Korea (North); Lebanon; Liberia; Libya; Macedonia; Mali; Mexico; Myanmar; Nepal; Netherlands; Pakistan; Palestinian Authority; Peru; Philippines; Poland; Russia; Rwanda; Saint Vincent; Serbia/Kosovo; Slovakia; Somalia; South Africa; Spain; Sri Lanka; Sudan; Switzerland; Syria; Thailand; Tunisia; Turkey; Ukraine; United Kingdom; United States of America; Uzbekistan; Venezuela; Yemen; Zimbabwe.

Previous NCH Annual Reports, covering the years 1995 to 2013, can be consulted on the NCH website. All NCH Annual Reports were compiled by Antoon De Baets. The fact that NCH presents this news does not imply that it shares the views and beliefs of the historians and others mentioned in it.

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