WWII POWs finally recognized as heroes

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CBS News reported earlier about a group of American airmen held prisoner during World War II, and the battle to get them the recognition that had long been denied them.

On Thursday, that recognition finally came.

Thousands of U.S. airmen serving as pilot and crew members flew bombing missions into the heart of Nazi Germany during World War II. Among them was Lt. Col. James Misuraca.

"We were told when we flew a mission if you get in trouble today over Germany and you can't make it back, go to Switzerland," said Misuraca.

Switzerland was a neutral country and considered safe. So that's where Misuraca's B-24 bomber headed after it was badly hit. He and his fellow crew members were detained by the Swiss military. When they tried to escape, they were sent to an internment camp.

After the war, many dismissed the men as cowards who had hidden in Switzerland to avoid combat.

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