Pentagon chief historian Erin Mahan rapped for 'unprofessional conduct'

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Most people probably have no idea that the military has a "Chief Historian" on the payroll at the Department of Defense. And until Thursday, few knew the details of what an internal report called "unprofessional conduct" in the office by current Pentagon historian Erin Mahan.

The 27 page redacted report, which blacked out even some of the individual conclusions of the internal investigation, found that Mahan misused government resources, engaged in improper conduct in the workplace and even promised the same Deputy Historian job to two subordinates.

The report also detailed how Mahan had subordinates basically care for a child - it wasn't clear from the report whether it was Mahan's kid - by keeping tabs on the child at the office and even picking up the child from a day care facility at the State Department.

One contractor testified that one time Mahan was basically out of her office for "most of the day" at meetings - and that workers simply kept the kid busy with a computer....

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