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WASHINGTON, Dec. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Wilson Center announced today the appointment of 43 Wilson Center Global Fellows. The program aims to help connect Washington, the United States, and the world through a global network of scholarship and policy ideas.

"This effort will build a global brain trust to help us frame the big issues and offer actionable ideas for policymakers around the world," said Jane Harman, president, director, and CEO of the Wilson Center. "Our networks are the best in town – and I am thrilled about this new initiative."

Wilson Center Global Fellows were chosen based on their record achievements as authorities in their field, which includes public service, journalism, business, academia, and civil society. These non-residential fellows will contribute to the ongoing work of the Center's programs and serve as an integral part of the overall intellectual community of the Wilson Center....

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Charles K. Armstrong, The Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Studies in the Social Sciences, Department of History,  Columbia University.  (Program Affiliation: History and Public Policy Program/North Korea International Documentation Project)

David Holloway, Raymond A. Spruance Professor in International History, Professor of Political Science, and Senior Fellow, Freeman-Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University. (Program Affiliation: History and Public Policy Program/ Nuclear Proliferation International History Project)

Chen Jian, Michael J. Zak Professor of History for US-China Relations, Department of History, Cornell University.  (Program Affiliation: History and Public Policy Program/Cold War International History Project)

Wm. Roger Louis, Kerr Chair in English History and Culture and Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Texas.  (Program Affiliation: History and Public Policy Program/Cold War International History Project)

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