JFK book: Castro was questioned by Warren Commission

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Cuban dictator Fidel Castro actually submitted to questioning by the Warren Commission following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, a new book reveals.

The story of Castro's questioning included in "A Cruel and Shocking Act: the Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination" by Philip Shenon, a former investigative reporter for the New York Times.

Bob Schieffer, host of "Face the Nation," explained on "CTM," "It's a secret that has held for 50 years. The commission actually sent an investigator to waters off Cuba. They took him out in a U.S. Navy boat, he got onto a yacht. There was Fidel Castro and Castro had sent word that he wanted to talk to the commission and this was thought to be so controversial they didn't do it. Anyway, the investigator gets off the boat, talks to Castro, they talk for three hours. Castro says -- as you would expect -- 'No way, no how did I have anything to do with it,' and it turns out, and to me this is the most fascinating part of all, that young investigator was William Coleman, who later became secretary of transportation in Gerald Ford's administration."

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