Much Bigger Than The Shutdown: Niall Ferguson's Public Flogging Of Paul Krugman

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While America was distracted by the theatrics of the government shutdown and threat of default something of much greater importance occurred. Niall Ferguson undertook a public flogging of Paul Krugman.

Krugman's horns now forever will show under his dislodged faux halo. For this the world will prove a safer, and much more decent, place.

Niall Ferguson - Harvard professor (and Stanford University's Hoover Institution fellow, and Jesus College, Oxford, Senior Research Fellow) - launched a three part series, in the Huffington Post, entitled Krugtron the Invincible, Parts 1, 2 and 3 with a notable coda at Project Syndicate. Ferguson succeeds in methodically humiliating New York Times columnist, celebrity blogger, and Nobel economic prize laureate Paul Krugman, together with his "gaggle of bloggers who are to Krugman what Egyptian plovers are to crocodiles."...

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