Diane Ravitch: Cyber charter schools are "scams"

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New York University professor Diane Ravitch -- once a supporter of the education overhaul movement and now an outspoken critic of testing and privatization of public schools -- believes the tide is turning against a culture reliant on test scores and corporate profit.

Ms. Ravitch spoke Monday to more than 600 people at Temple Sinai in Squirrel Hill where her appearance was hosted by Great Public Schools Pittsburgh, which includes Action United, One Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network, Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, Service Employees International Union and Yinzercation. The event took on the air of a pep rally, with student musicians performing and a group sing....

She had harsh words for charter schools where she said corporations make big money and some of the neediest students are excluded. She said it is important to keep public schools under public control as part of a democratic society in which students become ready for their role as citizens.

Noting Pennsylvania has 16 cyber charter schools, she said they have low test scores, low graduation rates and high attrition. "They're scams," she said....

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