The Bachmann Award: Key

The Bachmann Awards

1 Bachmann: An honest misstatement, like saying the Civil War started in 1961.

2 Bachmanns: A more serious misstatement, but relatively minor, like getting the dates for the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence mixed up.

3 Bachmanns: Real confusion over history, like saying FDR was president at the start of the Great Depression, but which doesn't challenge conventional historical wisdom.

4 Bachmanns: A genuine display of historical ignorance, but which has a kernel of truth. Saying the Founding Fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery is an example -- not true of most Founders, but some, like John Jay, did.

5 Bachmanns: A display of historical ignorance so mind-blowing, viewer discretion is advised. Claiming Hitler survived World War II or the French were enemies of the U.S. in the Revolution are examples.

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