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Will Collier found an amazing essay from photographer Stefan Koppelkamm. He toured East Germany just after the Wall was knocked down (it did not “fall”) — and then went back this century to shoot the same locations. The before-and-afters will shock you....

Do yourself a favor and click the link to see them all.

I’d like to add a few words to compliment Koppelkamm’s photos.

I toured West Germany for a month on a school trip with a dozen other 15-year-old boys during the summer of 1984. We stayed five days in West Berlin, which we arrived at by taking the train through the Communist East. At the inter-German border, DDR soldiers with machine guns boarded the train and inspected everyone’s papers quite thoroughly. They ran wheeled mirrors under each car, searching for stowaways and contraband. When we arrived at the Wall, the soldiers disembarked and repeated the mirror procedure. Only then were we allowed into West Berlin. The lights and simple cleanliness of the city were a welcome relief from just a few hours of the dirty and drab East German countryside....

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