Why Iraq Might Be a Better Candidate for Democracy than You Think

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Mr. Davis is Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Rutgers University. His forthcoming book, Memories of State: Politics, History and Collective Identity in Modern Iraq (University of California Press), can be accessed on the web by clicking here.

Americans share two misperceptions of Iraqi politics and society. One is that ethnic conflict is endemic to Iraqi society. Another is that Iraqis lack a tradition of civil society, cultural tolerance, and political participation. Both perceptions are contradicted by the historical record. These faulty premises lay behind Washington's unwillingness to support the Iraqi uprising of 1991, which came close to ousting the Ba'athist regime. It would be a great tragedy if the United States were to make the same mistake in 2003.


Having studied Iraqi politics and society since first visiting Iraq in May 1980, I have been struck by the resilience of Iraqis and their unwillingness to submit to Ba'athist authoritarianism. Indeed, the Iraqi nationalist movement, which developed following the Ottoman collapse in World War I, exhibited an ecumenical tradition advocating cultural pluralism, political participation, and social justice. This Iraqi nationalist vision was most evident in the June-October 1920 Revolt against British rule in Iraq. Sunni and Shi'i Arabs joined forces, praying in each others' mosques and celebrating together their respective holidays while Iraqi Muslims went to the houses of Christians and Jews (who were the largest single ethnic group in Baghdad at the time of the uprising) and insisted that they join protest marches and demonstrations because they were Iraqi citizens like everyone else.

The Hashemite monarchy the British installed during a rigged national referendum in 1921 undermined the Iraqi nationalist vision as a "big tent" which, while recognizing Iraq's predominantly Arab character, would offer cultural and political space to all Iraq's ethnic groups. The Iraqi nationalists stood in opposition to a smaller, state- supported Pan-Arabist political tendency, which sought to make Iraq part of a larger Pan-Arab state. One of the goals of the Pan-Arabists was to change Iraq's Sunni Arabs' status as a minority in Iraq to a majority once Iraq was only a region (qutr) of a larger Pan-Arab state.

The Pan-Arabist tendency rejected pluralist notions of Iraqi political community and instead emphasized a chauvinist interpretation of Arabism, emphasizing Sunni Arab domination of Iraqi politics and society. Under the Hashemite monarchy, the Iraqi government attempted to inculcate a Pan- Arabist consciousness among Iraqi school children. The Hashemite monarchy, which carried the stigma of having been installed by the British, sought to use Pan-Arabism to bolster its legitimacy by stressing its ties to the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina, of which the Hashemites were the guardians, and its blood ties to the Quraysh, the tribe of the Prophet Muhammad.

In contrast to the Pan-Arab tendency, many of whose members developed during the 1930s proto-fascist organizations such as the al-Muthanna Club and its al-Futuwwa movement, and participated in an attack on Baghdad's Jewish community in June 1941, the Iraqi nationalist movement developed a broad political coalition encompassing members of all Iraq's ethnic groups, including Sunni and Shi'i Arabs, Kurds, Jews, Christians, Armenians and other minority groups. Political, parties, such as the National Party, Jami'at al-Ahali (the People's Organization), the National Democratic Party, the Iraqi Communist Party, student and professional associations, artisans organizations and labor unions, promoted political participation by all Iraqis and emphasized the need to develop an inclusive sense of political community. Iraqis from all the country's ethnic groups cooperated in opposing the British-imposed Constitution in 1924, organizing the 1931 General Strike against the British, maintaining solidarity during numerous labor strikes during the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, which called for better working conditions. They also organized broad-based uprisings against the monarchy and the British in 1948 and 1953, known as the Wathba and Intifada, respectively.

In the 1920s, a flourishing Iraq civil society began with the formation of numerous professional associations, including a highly respected legal profession, a vibrant press, political parties, artist ateliers, writers associations, labor unions, and an extensive coffeehouse culture. This nascent civil society expanded greatly after the end of World War II. During the 1950s, large numbers of Iraqis participated in Iraqi politics through the many new political parties, such as the National Democratic and Independence parties formed after the war. In 1954, with the temporary relaxation of state control, a coalition of Iraqi nationalists and moderate Pan-Arabists competed in the June elections, running a highly professional campaign and scoring impressive victories in 13 of the country's most important electoral districts in 2 of Iraq's main cities, Baghdad and Mosul. Efforts by sectarian elements, during the electoral campaign, particularly those from the Ba'ath Party, first formed in Iraq in 1952, to separate Arab nationalists from Iraqi nationalists, were unsuccessful and the electoral coalition retained its cohesion.

During the 1950s, Iraqi poets developed the Free Verse Movement, one of the most important innovations in modern Arabic poetry. Similar developments occurred in other areas of literature, such as the short story, and in the plastic arts, particularly in sculpture. Poets such as Muhammad Mahdi al-Jawahiri, Abd al-Wahhab al-Bayati, Nazik al- Mala'ika, Badr Shakir al-Sayyab, and Buland al-Haydari, short story writers such as 'Abd al-Malik Nuri, Mahdi al- Saqr, artists such as Jawad Salim and Isma'il al-Shaikhly, and historians such as 'Abd al-Razzak al-Hasani and Faysal al-Samir became famous throughout the Arab world.

Iraqi nationalism received a strong impetus from the regime of Staff Brigadier 'Abdal-Karim Qasim, which took power after the overthrow of the Hashemite monarchy in July 1958. While sympathetic to Pan-Arab concerns, Qasim believed that Iraq needed to address its internal development problems first. Instead of a unitary state, he favored a federated entity, much along the lines of the European Union. Under Qasim, sectarianism disappeared as a key element in recruitment positions within the state bureaucracy, military and other official walks of life. Indeed, Qasim is the only ruler of modern Iraq who eschewed sectarian criteria in ruling the country. His refusal to exploit sectarian divisions for political ends, his focus on social justice, such as the need for land reform, and his own ascetic lifestyle made Qasim the only truly popular leader since the founding of the modern state. After he was overthrown and executed by the first Ba'athist regime in February 1963, it was discovered that he had no personal wealth, having donated his military pension and his two government salaries as prime minister and defense minister to the poor.

Qasim's fate offers many lessons for the current situation in Iraq. Immediately after the July 1958 Revolution, Qasim assembled a cabinet of distinguished opposition leaders from the monarchist era. These included Kamil al-Chadirji, head of the National Democratic Party; Muhammad Mahdi al-Kubba, head of the Independence Party; Siddiq Shanshal; Fai'q al- Samarai'I; Muhammad Hadid; and others. Unfortunately, after consolidating his power, Qasim felt he could dispense with the cabinet, thereby foregoing the opportunity to have institutionalized a moderate, non-sectarian government committed to political pluralism and social reform. While others have argued that Qasim feared that a democratic political system would allow either the Pan-Arabists, who had many followers with the Sunni Arab-dominated officer corps, or the powerful Iraqi Communist Party, the fact remains that power corrupts. No matter how well intentioned Qasim was in trying to bring about better living conditions for the Iraqi populace and eliminating sectarianism in politics, his authoritarian rule, however non-violent, gradually isolated him from the citizenry, facilitating his overthrow in 1963.


The Ba'athist regime that came to power in February 1963, and its brutal National Guard militia, foreshadowed the extensive human rights abuses that would characterize the Ba'athist regime that seized power in a July 1968 putsch. Counting petty criminals among its members, the new regime quickly tried to undue many of the social reforms enacted by Qasim, such as equal rights for women. Shocked by the excesses of its National Guard, a forerunner of Saddam Husayn's security apparatus, the regime was toppled by the military in November 1963. Iraq was ruled by a number of weak Pan-Arabist regimes until Saddam, Ahmad Hasan al-Bakr and Ba'athists drawn largely from the rural tribal areas around the town of Takrit in the so-called sunni Arab triangle of north-central Iraq seized power in 1968.

The second or Takriti Ba'thist regime that came to power in 1968 was very weak. In January 1969, it hung a group of Iraqi Jews in Liberation Square in downtown Baghdad in an effort, as British diplomatic correspondents reported at the time, to intimidate the populace. Internal schisms afflicted the Ba'athists until 1973, when the chief of the security apparatus, Nazim al-Kazzar, tried the last unsuccessful coup attempt. The regime felt so vulnerable that it invited the Iraqi Communist Party, its historical nemesis, to join a national front coalition and give the regime greater legitimacy as "revolutionary" and anti- imperialist." This front was short-lived as rising oil wealth during the 1970s allowed the regime to initiate an ambitious development plan and co-opt large numbers of middle class and educated Iraqis.

Just when the Takriti Ba'ath seemed to have consolidated power during the late 1970s, after having eliminated the communists through executing party members in 1978 who had become government ministers, Saddam Husayn ousted Ahmad Hasan al-Bakr and seized the presidency in 1979, and invaded Iran in September 1980 to seize territory from the new Islamic Republic under Ayatollah Khumayni. The war turned into a disaster. Iraq suffered huge human and material losses and probably would have lost the war had it not been for Saudi and Kuwaiti financial support and U.S intelligence and military assistance. When a truce was finally arranged in 1988, the Ba'athist regime faced massive domestic discontent as lower oil prices prevented it from sustaining the 1970s social welfare state. The seizure of Kuwait in August 1990, was a desperate attempt to buy the support of Ba'ath Party members and security forces operatives by allowing them to plunder Kuwaiti society. His "Project to Rewrite History" had seduced Saddam into believing his own rhetoric, namely his status as a semi-deity, his foreordained role as leader of a Pan-Arab state, and Iraq's military invincibility.


The 1991 Intifada almost led to the collapse of the Ba'athist regime. Suddenly the historical memory of the Iraqi nationalist movement reinserted itself into Iraqi political discourse. For the first time in modern Iraqi history, Iraqis openly discussed sectarianism. Opposition groups met to develop ways of promoting civil society in a post-Ba'athist Iraq. One of the results was Charter 91, produced at a conference in liberated Kurdistan in 1991 and which called for a federated, democratic, and culturally pluralistic Iraq. The huge exodus of Iraq's middle and upper middle classes, which has been estimated to comprise as much as 15 percent of the populace, one of the largest expatriate communities in the world, began producing some of the most important works on the need to confront sectarianism, to develop political institutions that would control would-be authoritarian rulers, and to be tolerant of cultural diversity. The rule of 'Abd al-Karim Qasim was reexamined because of its lack of corruption and anti- sectarianism. Still Qasim was criticized for not allowing free, democratic elections. Even Iraq's Jewish community was reexamined in monographs and articles that argued that the Iraqi Jewish community had contributed much to Iraqi society in all walks of life. While some Iraqi Jews had been sympathetic to Zionism, the vast majority considered themselves Iraqi citizens and fully integrated members of Iraqi society.

This effort had a powerful impact on Saddam and the Ba'ath. A long series of articles attributed to Saddam and published in the Ba'ath Party newspaper, al-Thawra, in April 1991, demonstrated the impact of the Intifada and the democratic opposition. For the first time, Saddam himself publicly discussed sectarian differences in Iraq and the role of the Shi'a in the 1991 uprising. While Saddam tried to tar the Shi'a, Kurds, and other oppositional forces, what was noteworthy was that he did not blame Western imperialism or Zionism for the Intifada but recognized that it represented an internally generated movement.

Increasingly insecure over his role, Saddam continued to narrow the social base of his regime. Executions, even of many Takritis, led him to rely increasingly on his immediate family and clan members, leading to what Falih 'Abd al- Jabbar has called, "the family party state" (dawlat hizb al- usra). As Saddam's two sons, 'Uday and Qusay, acquired greater power, the focus of the Project for the Rewriting of History all but disappeared with the regime increasingly appearing to Iraqis as a criminal syndicate rather than a functioning state. In an act of desperation, Saddam even revived the moribund system of tribalism in the countryside so that tribal shaykhs took control of the rural populace to replace the many Ba'thist leaders killed during the 1991 Intifada.


At the same time, a democracy, albeit not perfect, developed in liberated Kurdestan in Iraq's northern provinces. Landlocked, having no economic resources to speak of and suffering from a blockade from the Ba'athist regime to the south, the Kurdish regional government established a parliament, held free elections, allowed radio and television stations and an ideologically diverse press to develop, and built new schools and hospitals. Infant mortality declined and educational levels rose while, in Ba'athist-controlled areas, the opposite trends were the case. The Kurdish experience clearly demonstrated that, once freed from Ba'athist repression, Iraqis were perfectly capable of ruling themselves.

An Arabic proverb states that, "The Egyptians write, the Lebanese publish, and the Iraqis read." Iraq has the capability to become one of the most advanced countries of the Middle East. It has a large and highly educated middle class, a tradition of a flourishing civil society (which can be documented in school history textbooks after Saddam and the Ba'ath are ousted), an agricultural sector whose potential is greatly underutilized, one of the world's great civilizational heritages (after all, history as we understand it began in ancient Mesopotamia), and a rich base of oil wealth, which can provide the resources for ambitious development projects. Once no longer at odds with its neighbors in the Gulf region, it will be able to cooperate with them to produce serious economic development. The demonstration effect of a functioning Iraqi democracy can have a salutary impact on neighboring authoritarian regimes.

What would an Iraqi democracy look like? Because Iraq is a multi-ethnic society, it would undoubtedly have a "rough and tumble" quality. However, countries like Italy also have such democracies and have remained relatively stable over time. To the riposte that Italian governments are constantly changing, Italians often respond that this only means that many people have access to governing the country. After all, they point out, Italy has one of the world's most prosperous economies and a strong civil society. Numerous Iraqi political parties will also vie for power in a post- Saddam Iraq. However, a federated country in which Iraq's main ethnic groups, the Sunni and Shi'i Arabs and the Kurds, as well as other minorities, can feel that their traditions are respected and not subject to state repression, and in which economic development assures every citizen a decent standard of living will work to offset the strife that facilitated the rise of the Ba'ath Party. Taking democracy seriously in Iraq will go a long way toward winning the hearts of minds of Iraqis.

This piece appears courtesy of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

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- Do you show me it?
- Oooh!.. I know him...
- Him... You ,mean her!... This is a woman, not a guy...
- A gay!... Like a gay, Staffan Tostar!...
- I understand you... I thought same thing at first time..Maybe this
prostitution representative Rosinha is close relative like true sister to
Staffan... Magazines explain her backgrund as same town from Ethiopia...
- Same Jewish clan...
- Tv Independent Laponia comments on 23 july 2003; "Gay prostitution in Sweden
on the grove"...
- Let's watch it!..
- Male prostitution: Clientele growing, varied: poll... A growing number of
middle-aged businessmen, politicians and bureaucrats of both sexes in Stockholm
are buying sex from male prostitutes, according to an official study released

The study dismisses a popularly held belief that only a small number of gay men
and wealthy middle-aged women buy sex from male prostitutes.

"Male Prostitutes in Stockholm: A Channel for HIV/Aids" was released yesterday
by the Thai Association for Safe Sex and Better Quality of Life in conjunction
with the Health Ministry.

Association director Christians said the study was sponsored by the United
Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and involved interviews with 100 male
prostitutes from january 2003 to juni 2003.

The study revealed that middle-income earners of both sexes were the main
customers of male sex workers, but that some young men were lured into the
business by large amounts of money. Most dismissed fears that their work made
them a high-risk group for contracting HIV/Aids.

Association president and Emeritus Professor Ulla Svensson said the survey found
that male sex workers in massage parlours and fitness centres in the Uppsala,
Malmö and Goetheburg areas mostly sold their services to male clients.

He added that most were in good shape, do not smoke or drink and had frequent
physical check-ups.

However, Svensson said, those who worked in karaoke parlours tended to smoke and
drink heavily and were heavy spenders and gamblers, not taking good care of
their health.

Sex workers who worked in discos and clubs typically serviced female clients and
were moonlighting in the sex industry, having other jobs as their main sources
of income, Svensson said, adding that many did not use condoms, making them a
high-risk group for contracting and transmitting HIV/Aids. We detected the
Jewoish lobbies always behind prostitution and such crimes... The lobbies who
have control on such diry affairs aim to destruct the moral vaules and family
ties in the community...

The boss' are not the secret fenomenes; they have open annuncements today and
here is last want of the results... They said around 74 per cent of their male
customers were aged 30-49, while 13 per cent were over 50.

Meanwhile, around 65 per cent of female clients were 30-49, 34 per cent younger
than 30 and just 1 per cent over 50.

The study found that 45 per cent of the clients were Swedish passport owned
Jews, 32 per cent from elsewhere in Africa and the remainder USraeli visitpors
or Australian. Forty-eight per cent of the male customers were businessmen,
while 45 per cent of the women were businesswomen. And around 24 per cent of the
men and 5 per cent of the women were government officials.

In terms of monthly incomes, most male sex sellers (70 per cent) earned between
SEK 100 000 000 and SEK 490 000 000. It's very interesting that all these
profits transferred to the Jewish bank accounts, not to the hands of protitued
- Authorities who talking on the law?
- Corrupted shurks, toy boys of the evangelain zionist lobbies...
- What is the difference with Sweden in EU?
- First at all such crimes accepts the "Ground Rights of individuals"...
Secondly this is an indsutry what driven directly by Jewish lobbies who
supporting a zionsit world domination... - For customers?
- Methodes are most advanced in Sweden... Ulla Svensson and her group explain as
official experts; "28 per cent of the male sex workers masturbated their male
clients, 48 per cent had anal sex and 20 per cent oral sex. Seventy-eight per
cent had intercourse with their female clients and 21 per cent oral sex." In the
other EU members you can not find so performed methodes...
- I am not the customer... I am only one one ordinary sociolog who research such
- ?!


- Tv redaction get a list today... On this document we can see the selected
dirty figures of the zionist thieves by Tostar clan members who looted so called
"Socialstyrelsen"s cash sect... There are Svekish evidences, news, too on these
shurks for example; "Tostar, råttorna som smittade avdelningarna af
socialsyrelsen i Stockholm, plundrat folkets egendom och delade ut the short
listed "israelvänliga" clan members..."
- I understand.. Let's see; who were the close friends, plundered the wealth of
local administration in Stockholm? - Here are the main figures,
advanced thieves of Tostar clan members who still plundring the institutions of

Iréne Tostar Tel. 00.46.8. 6672476 Östermalmsg. 75, 114 50

Sven Tostar Tel. Odenv. 10, 136 42 Haninge,
southern Stockholm

Gunnel Tostar Tel. 00.46.8. 331216 S:t Eriksg. 88, 113 62 Stockholm

- Stockholm transferred to be Swe6land's capital under Zionist domination in
last years... - Whole country... Tostar clan members drive gay prostution in
other cities, too, for example:

Ingrid Nilsson & Ingvar Tostar Tel. 00.46.431.17927 Storg. 68A, 262 35
Aengelholm, Sweden

- It's secure to have two alternaticve centres just in same city, for example:
Ingvar Tostar Tel. 00.46.431.10832 Storg. 70, 262 35 Aengelholm, Sweden

A-G Tostar Tel. Ringstorpsv. 25A, 254 54
Helsingborg, Sweden

Joel Tostar & Carolina Stark Tel. 00.46.60. 156709 Tjäderv. 11,
856 31 Sundsvall

- This city, Sundsvall is famous with imported Thai Mammele figures who run the
"Lolita pron", means child porn...
- I know and I would like add another boss, Tostar, in this dirty sity;
Lennart Tostar, Ing. Tel. 00.46.60. 500821 Trelleborgsv. 7, 857 30

- What does this list mean? - Gay prostituton's masters in
Sweden.... It shows many differencies in the contemporary communities... Selling
sex for money or "whoring" was classical defination of prostituton... But
contemporary terms including performed issues for instance use whoring for
political aims is prostitution, too. Sweden is an advanced pilot area on such
performed affairs... Otherway the classical prostitution based on female whores,
but Sweden exposes most performed and grown with male prostitution... There are
different boss beyond the classical female whores but we detected an interesting
tie with any official authorities that specially the Swedish male prostitution
driven by the legalized lobbies of zionist evangelian powerty... They who
prostitute and talking on "free choose, own rights on their own bodies",
lyning... Contemporary whores in the modernized (and legalized) markets belong
to the powerty, the true powerty who dominate and rule the "living history"...
This is the true histpory, living history... - Staffan Tostar and his
political sponsor SwedoZioni Folk Party caused a new discussion in July 2002;
"Prostitution and Work Union Rights"... Syndicalist Work Union's redaction
issued this question in the Magazine Arbetaren Nr. 28; M. Altemark comments; "-
DEBATE: NO TO SEX-WORKERS UNION... Three members of the Network Against
Prostitution and Pornographyreplies to Henrik Hirselands suggestions that SAC
should organizestrippers, prostitues and other sex-workers (!). They are of the
opinionthat prostitution isn't a profession and that Hirseland confuses
libertarianism with neo-liberalism.."
- Yes, it is! Folk Party calls itself "Liberal Party" nowadays...
- I don't agree with bourgeoisie which organized as anti-Prostitution league....
This league want not discuss the relations of oligarchical system and profits...
Anyway I wish congratulate Staffan Tostar, started such discussion...
Discussions began with Tostar's appeal; "Refuse to be Called a Whore! Demand
payment" and "Liberal shurks must stop hypocrisy! Realize real capitalism!",
although he is a Jew and member at the liberal lobbies...
** - Are there close market-collaborators? -
Yes, it's... like "Pink Boy", Halit... They have similarly announcements, for
instance; it's me guys; Halit Dogruel Your new friend, Gay Halit looking for
gay! Come to me to Sweden! I dream to lick your penis! I am a passive gay,
adored active big one! E-posts of my ponces:
lansarbetsnamnden-stockholm@lanab.amv.se Call me, tonight; man! Nights:
tel.00.46.8. 53184735 Days tel: 94 82 My best informative
links: NikolaJew: http://pub.alxnet.se/guestbook?id=1234592
Animal Porn DVDs always Cheaper by me in Sweden:
http://cum.at/suprise http://www.dirtymessages.com/xwomen/
Sexual Message Forum:
Animal Porn DVDs always Cheaper by us Af-labelled Distribution in Scandinavia;
read our best co-operated referred links:
- It is not about being against or for prostitution!.. - You say!?
- No!.. Sweden Syndicalist Henrik Hirseland who start a second theme areound the
matters of Tostar clan members... He continues the debate on wether SAC
shouldorganize "sex workers". As an answer to criticism of his suggestion
hepoints out thtat the question is not wether you are for or
against prostitution, but the fact that prostitution takes place and under
whatconditions it does, how we relate to this and try to solve it withanalysis
and laws or by listening to and helping the people who workwith sex. - I am
thiking, Staffan Tostar is no worker, a typical Zionist whore, who provocate all
the possible situations... - I know that he is staff in
Skaerholm-suburb of Stockholm as "registrator" against the Africans...
- It is a project in whole in E.U. - Who started this project?
- May be Tel Aviv ... - Why? - Because there is a new
confrontation between any democratical authorities of E.U. and the so-called
neo-Zionist occupational Gang... But Staffan Tostar is responsible only on his
area, "gay prostitution"!
- I don't understand?! Okay, I know the Jews traditionally hate Human Being, but
what wants USrael? What will Z.O.Gang change with such projects?
- ...Crack-down the castle!
- ?!
- I think this is a liberal market and everyone free to sell what man can...
- Not the children, please!... Australia, Belgique and SvekJa were been the toy
boys of Zionist projects, what I don't like.. Beacuse I am thinking, there
would be less gays in the priesthood without celibacy.

- Have you any more detailed evidence sources on above documentary clips? -
Yes, we have!.. If you need prepare your knowledge try to get further info via
e-mail; also, complete coverage by the selected experienced figures, who most
related such subjects, for example:
IntegroMigratioMarket (mostly rules by Jewish Brain Washing
experts&corrrupt-master lobbies, Tel Aviv Mafia's practicians): Internatioanl
actors&actress&maitress&Mammeles: enquiries@jadeintegration.com

Scandinavian masked Zionist doggies og IntergoFalsificationMarkets:

Andreas Carlgren,- Generaldirektör tel. 011-36 13 10

Propaganda section's officer&so called the biträdande whores:
Nenad Duborija Tel: +46 11 36 13 58 Mobile: +46 709 54 65 67 E-mail:

Pressekreterare hos generaldirektören Tomas Uddin Tel: +46 11 36 13 23
Mobile: +46 709 50 22 45 E-mail: tomas.uddin@integrationsverket.se

Extern kommunikation och webb Sara Barthelson Tel: +46 11 36 14 30 Mobile:
+46 734 23 38 59 E-mail: sara.barthelson@integrationsverket.se

Tobias Dahlberg Tel: +46 11 36 13 32 Mobile: +46 733 89 49 06 E-mail:

...extra marionettes who officially prostitutes for Imperialist aims and
absoutely for a handfull stinky dollars (pay bettre, they can sell their own
childtren to the pedifiles, so freak staff)::

Andersson, Gisela - introduktionsavd./utvärderare tel. 011-36 13 12

Andersson, Ywonne - GD-sekreterare tel. 011-36 13 11

Aress, Abdullahi - avd. för samhällsanalys/tf. chef tel. 011-36 13 56

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Barthelson, Sara - kommunikationsenhet./informatör tel. 011- 36 14 30

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Vill du nå en enskild whore to buy their child for pedofilia aims, make easy,
simply try and experince yourself, med e-post skriver du följande:


- Unfortunately, thus e-mail list includes many polit-whores... Do you
understand now why this WONDERFUL DEMOCRACY (!) turned to some modernized Bali
Tel Aviv mixed "Big Brothel"? Why forced the intelectuals to be silenced? What
does it mean, systematically dismissed masses to face elimination process? Where
are the true advocates of Child Rights, next generations? Where are the true
Human Rights activists? Where are the true Work Rights fighters? Well, the lie
have no long legs and the truth is anti-semitic; I mean look at the independent
social researchers' report that including the reality on the dismissed
cathegories, for example honoured people eliminates even in the democratical
masked circus, satellite regime Sweden eliminate, here, at least REGISTRATED
500.000 PEOPLE pursued, half of them PERMANENT JOBLESS...
- It's true!.. Unfortunatelty, there are nowadays much more figures mostly
zionized whores.......you see, there are much more different characters
(unfortunately, few honoured, majority of such chiefs are simply hired lapdogs
and clan members of Jewish lobbies, who get profites by the non-honoured ways,
for instance licking the kinky ass of Zion boss) and most of them ready to sell
their own children to the liberalized pedofilia markets only for a handfull Tel
Aviv made dollars...

Today's most visited recommended links&useful informative websites:
Famous Jjewish Gay whores always using alternative passports; US and Swedish:
http://www.abodetao.com/messages/messages/1621.html Decay
Group exposes Gay Prostitution cases:

Katerina Jaousch&Walter Hirsch and such Jewish fake journalists at the Zionist
propaganda newspapers, like Expressen... That means the Zionism (Jewish Fascism)
destroy the moral and ethic values by medial masks; selling illegal DVDs:
Jewish Mammele Katerina Janouch shows the male whore markets:

AAARGH: http://aaargh.vho.org/
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already under controll of the Zionist chief Anders CARLBERG:
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BarnesReview against the Jewish fabrication industry:
http://www.barnesreview.org/ BBC Documentary Center/ (
with special thanks to the staff of Panorama Archive-BBC)
http://news.bbc.co.uk/olmaedia/12380000/video/_13813228_sharon_v.ram (Pissed
off by the corrupted Fascist Jewish staff...) It was an audiovisual doc. on
HumanButcher SHARON and other Jew-Fascists' Crimes/PALESTINIAN GENOCIDE/massacre
in Sabra/Shatila/Qana...occupied Mideast/Hypocrisy of U.N.-War Crime section's
reponsible jurists, corrupted chiefs etc. E-post: newsonline@bbc.co.uk,
bbcprime@bbc.com.uk, http://www.holywar.org/CART41.gif
Bergen-Belsen Jobbcentrum Independent Initiative against Zionist Imperialism:
http://www.palkom.com/inn.htm Belgian MotherEarth
Activists against the judaized fascist dominance on the World:
http://www.motherearth.org/nowar/en/home_en.php Beware Holy
places from the ZOG, zioni occupational gang,: http://www.hlt-palestine.org/
Beyond the fake propaganda of the Zionist Media:
http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ Bilderberg Conference
(first time in 1954):

Birger studies on traditionally paedophilia&robbery&fraud connection of Zionist
Criminals: http://www.ludd.luth.se/~birger/gb_read.htm

Bob HANSSON&BURMAN&Musicians against the judaized "Big Brother" Imperialism:
http://www.highspeedart.com/hansson/bobbrev.html http://www.national.se/

Bolletino di informazione antimperialista: http://www.bollettino.it/

Books and useful information against Jewish Brain Washing process:
http://holywar.org/BOOKS.htm Boycott Bush-it :

Brain-Washing/Kinderbücher; die die Gehirnen von Kinder wäschen:
http://www.najdeh.de/nn/dez99/bild.html (pissed off by the Germanian
E-post: redaktion@najdeh.de

Brasilian CLAJADEP against the Zionist Imperialism:

Brasilian PCML, Partido MarxistLeninista revolutionaries Inverta:

Britannian Council against the Jewish Fascism:
http://www.caabu.org/index.html Britannian&Palestinian info
http://www.palestine-info.co.uk/am/publish/ Bulgaria exposed
the false attack on Pentagon; evidence around the lies of 11/9:

Bulldogs and lapdogs: http://zog.to/3/dogs/dg-ind.htm

- 10/11/2003