Nixon library to release 265 hours of White House tapes

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The Richard Nixon Presidential Library will open a trove of records at the facility and online Thursday, including 265 hours of White House tapes, officials said.

The library, in Yorba Linda, California, will also open more than 140,000 pages of presidential records and 75 hours of video oral histories, officials said. The library is part of the National Archives.

The White House tapes span February 1973 to March 1973 and include a few from early April 1973. There are no transcripts for these tapes, but the library has produced a detailed subject log for each conversation, National Archives officials said in a statement.

The tapes cover subjects such as the cease-fire in Vietnam, the release of American prisoners of war, Watergate, U.S. policy in the Middle East, the assassination of two U.S. diplomats in Sudan by the Black September Organization, the state visits of King Hussein of Jordan and Prime Minister Golda Meir of Israel, the Wounded Knee incident, and wage and price controls, officials said.

The library will also make public about 2,500 pages of formerly classified national security records including documents on U.S. policy toward Chile and formerly classified materials from the files of White House aides H.R. "Bob" Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, officials said....

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