Norwegian historian writes about war in Vietnam

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As an independent researcher, Stein Tonnesson challenges the existing conceptions of the Indochina war by elucidating the forces at work preceding the war’s breakout in 1946.

Referring to French and English documents, Tonnesson sourced materials for his book from some translated Vietnamese texts on Vietnam in 1946 as well as from the memoirs of the famous Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap. He visited the Vietnam Revolutionary Museum and the Ho Chi Minh Museum to see objects from the war on display there and learn about the patriotism of Vietnamese people.

The book gives readers access to new and intriguing information that the author discovered by delving deeply into formerly classified French, English and US military documents.

Tonnesson expressed his wish to have “Vietnam 1946” translated into Vietnamese to present it to Vietnamese researchers and readers.
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