History vanishes from one in 20 English secondary schools

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Official figures show that in 131 state schools, not a single pupil sat GCSE history last year.

That is 4.1 percent of all 3,159 maintained mainstream secondary schools whose results are published by the Department of Children, Schools and Families.

Separate figure suggest that the move away from history has been greatest among poorer children.

Around 75,000 children in each year group are eligible for free school meals. Another parliamentary answer revealed that last year, only 354 of them achieved a grade A* in GCSE history.

The figures were published after questions from Michael Gove, the Conservative shadow schools secretary, who described them as “very worrying.”

Mr Gove said: “History is effectively disappearing from some secondary schools. Giving children a proper knowledge of our island story so they can take pride in our historic achievements is the best way to build a modern, inclusive future for our country.
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