• How "4:20" Became Enshrined in Pot Culture

    Bored teens plus a coincidental after-school meeting time plus a statue of Louis Pasteur plus a gig as a Grateful Dead roadie turned out to equal a viral piece of pot culture that is known worldwide today.

  • How the Cold War Killed Cannabis as We Knew It

    When Henry Kissinger sought to assert American control of Caribbean bauxite ore reserves, he set off a political dirty war that poisoned the Jamaican interior and destroyed prominent strains of cannabis in the name of marijuana interdiction. 

  • A More Historic Act of Clemency

    by Zach Hidin

    Commuting the sentences of 46 nonviolent drug offenders may seem historic. But history sets the bar higher still.

  • Why is Hemp Illegal?

    by Bradley J. Borougerdi

    The real reason hemp is illegal may surprise you -- it has everything to do with Orientalism.