gun culture

  • Another Consequence of Gun Culture: Fake Emergency Calls

    Although campus communities are thankful when they don't experience gun violence, shootings have spawned another disruptive phenomenon: the mass shooting hoax. A campus security expert discusses how colleges can respond. 

  • My Course Examines Why God and Guns Go Together in America

    by Joseph P. Slaughter

    Although there are many "peace church" traditions in American Christianity, there are many other historical strains that view violence as an appropriate and necessary means of securing the divinely sanctioned destiny of the nation. 

  • America as a Tactical Gun Culture

    by Chad Kautzer

    "Vigilantism is fueled by an individualist notion of sovereignty more dangerous than any military-grade weaponry. It rejects the freedom of others as equal to one’s own and views any attempt to support such equality as tyranny."

  • How Much is the NRA to Blame for the Gun Culture?

    Two new books help to shed light on how the NRA, partisan politicians, and the gun industry "took a political base of hunters and nurtured a new, expanded audience of gun guys," and how they made Americans live in their world. 

  • The Real Origin of America's Gun Culture

    by Carole Emberton

    Replica of a Colt 1851 Navy revolver. Credit: Wiki Commons."I'm here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!,” radio host Alex Jones warned British television journalist Piers Morgan on Monday. Leading the charge to have Morgan deported for voicing his opposition to America’s lax gun control laws, which many believe led to the shooting deaths of twenty children and six adults last month at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, Jones attempted to cast Morgan as a modern-day Tory ready to reclaim the United States as Great Britain’s colonial possession. Although Morgan’s Britishness proved an effective prop to Jones’s revolutionary rhetoric, the current debate over gun control owes more to the Civil War Era than the American Revolution.