• A Fresh Take on the Mayflower’s History

    “We are changing the narrative at this moment in history,” said Michele Pecoraro, executive director of Plymouth 400. Today, she said, “it is all about a shared history among four nations, that looks at it from that perspective probably for the first time. The Wampanoag involvement is a first. The Netherlands involvement is a first. Those added perspectives offer more of a balanced picture.”

  • America's founding fathers Essex boys

    America’s Founding Fathers were actually Essex boys, with Plymouth accused of "hijacking" the Mayflower, the ship that carried them to North America nearly 400 years ago, according to claims.A rival claim to the Mayflower by the port town of Harwich states that the ship's crew were from Essex and only set foot briefly in the West Country before starting their transatlantic voyage.The claim has taken on extra significance as the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's voyage in 2020 nears - Plymouth has already sent an invitation to whoever is the President of the United States in seven years' time.Although Plymouth has become closely associated with the Mayflower, Harwich claims it was no more than luck that the ship stopped at that port at all....