OAH 2013

  • Turnout Middling at OAH Meeting in San Francisco

    by David Austin Walsh

    FROM SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco. Steep hills, charming cable cars, rolling breezes off the ocean, and people so friendly, strolling through Golden Gate Park at 9:00am on a Thursday morning will net an amiable young visitor in a tweed jacket no less than two offers for high-quality drugs.

  • OAH 2013 Survival Guide

    by David Austin Walsh

    Trains, planes, and automobiles are going to be packed with historians over the next two weeks – the Organization of American Historians kicks off its 2013 Annual Meeting in San Francisco this Thursday, April 11, and the National Council on Public History opens its conference in Ottawa next Wednesday, April 17.As always – even with the slow-motion jobs crisis in history and the humanities in general – young men and women crazy enough to pursue (or dream of pursuing) advanced degrees in history will flock to the conferences for the first time, with starry-eyed hopes of meeting the rock stars in their fields, making connections (hopefully of a non-scandalous nature), presenting their first paper in front of an academic audience, or maybe even closing the deal on that juicy tenure-track position (after all, the phone interview went really well!).